The NFL Season is Back

NFL Season
That time of year again where everyone likes to believe everyone has an equal chance at the super bowl, even though we can think of a few teams that will probably crash and burn the season like they usually do. It’s another year of yelling at the TV and making some people around us uncomfortable as we act super aggressive because the coaches and players don’t listen to what play we thought they should of ran. Well hopefully this quick article can help you relax as I tell you some stuff on what you should probably expect and what surprises that could happen during the NFL season. Maybe some of the stuff you will already know about but you don’t want to admit it to yourself because you still are optimistic the browns will have a winning season by some miracle.


Things to expect this NFL Season


1. First off, I think at this point the most basic thing to expect during the NFL season is that the Patriots will have another great season, a few more babies will be named after Tom Brady and Gronk will show up to most places in a party bus even after a loss. So, if you spend time watching the Pats hoping they will lose then you better find a new hobby until Brady and Belichick retire, which probably won’t happen for until 2037.

2. Now from the main winners to the main losers. Browns could maybe have a progressive year as the finally decided to build a strong defense instead of drafting the next bust QB. A lot of young talent on that defense will probably help the offense out with some motivation since the offense has a good looking young team as well. To me they always had decent talent but the main issues is the hundreds of coaching changes they’ve gone through the last 20 years. Maybe they’ll keep this coaching staff and see where it goes. I’d still expect them to miss the playoffs since it is a QB league and they don’t have the greatest track record with having a QB start a whole season, so maybe they can finally end that this year with Kizer.

3. I expect another year of the Packers have random ups and downs, people saying if Rodgers best years behind him and if they should fire their head coach. Every year now it seems like Rodgers is predicted to win MVP, has a great start to the season but then the team struggles with some games looking terrible. Then when that happens everyone acts like Rodgers is overrated and the Packers will barely miss the playoffs. Then by some weird Packer magic, Rodgers will pretty much catch fire, lead the teams to wins and pretty much be the main reason most fantasy teams won their league championship and everything will be fine again till the next stressful season.

4. Last but not least, expect the Cowboys to keep being Americas team and have an exciting year. Most people may hate calling them Americas team but you can’t deny that you see a lot of fans buying their gear and showing up to their away games. Even though Zeke is out for 6 weeks they still have good backups to carry the load, an offensive line that just bullies defenses, and a QB that has an old white dude that plays tight end since like the 80’s and Star receiver that always comes down with the ball when you give him the chance. Love them or hate them the rating and jersey sells will be high this year because of the super high expectations they have more than any other team.


Some surprises

1. I think a lot of teams might start running the ball more and may not throw what seems like 50 times a game. Last NFL season we had some running backs break and we even saw the Pats with Golden Brady hand the ball off a lot to his set of running backs and let them do the work to get touchdowns. With some exciting rookies at running back like McAffrey, Fournette, Kareem Hunt and a few others, it brings back that tough grind it out football that we all have been missing.

2. I think the Titans and Dolphins will make the playoffs. Maybe the Titans of these team’s people can probably expect them to make the playoffs but people probably think the Dolphins will miss the playoffs with Jay Cutler leading that offense. I think he has a great support group around him offensively and a way better coaching staff than what he’s had at Chicago the last few years. The team has a great Defense and a tough defensive line, so I would think they could fight and get that wild card spot because no way in hell the Pats are going to lose that Division title. Titans have a great young team and a tough offensive line that will help them run the ball with Murray and Henry punishing defenders. Their receiving core has gotten a lot stronger with Decker and top draft pick Corey Davis looking like a future star in this league.

3. My last surprise is that the Dallas Cowboys will win the Super Bowl! We all know what that offense will do even without Zeke but I think that young defense will play hard and fast, kind of like how the falcons played last season with all their rookies and second year players. I also believe that Rodger Godell will start some kind of curse where he will suspend a star player even if it is a really bad decision and that player and team will come back tenfold and win the Super Bowl. It back fired on him when he ended up handing the Super Bowl trophy to the Pats and now he will do it for the Cowboys.

With all that said I’m freaking excited for Football season!! Hanging out with all the friends yelling at the TV and making everyone feel uncomfortable! Tailgating and good ole Game Day cookouts!! Make sure to find your favorite NFL team chairs, coolers and much more tailgating gear for the 2017 NFL Season at Ideal Camping Gear.

That’s all I have for now. Let me know if you want to hear my opinion on any other topics for this football season. Good luck this NFL Season!

Written by Michael Estrada



NFL Season
The NFL Season is Back

That time of year again where everyone likes to believe everyone...

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